My things to do/see/eat in Mexico City

1. Centro (Metro Bellas Artes / Zocalo, etc)

  • Def have to see Bellas Artes (the fine arts palace) and get inside to the murals
  • The park to the left of Belllas is called La Alameda and very important (dates from Spanish times, sorry I don’t have enough recall in the moment right now, haha).
  • On the Alameda there is a small one-painting museum. It’s a beautiful Diego Rivera mural that you have to see:
Salón Los Angeles

2. Neighborhoods around the center

  • You might be staying in one of these! The cool neighborhoods are Roma and Condesa in descending order. I guess they’re like the South End (Boston) if it were cooler. Polanco is a rich neighborhood and pleasant in the center (like Back Bay). The new money/financial/corporate rich people live in the far south of the city in basically a whole new adjoining city that has popped up called Santa Fe. It looks like Miami down there. No reason to go there.
  • But definitely walk around Roma. It’s fun. Condesa has two great parks: Parque Mexico and Parque Espana. There is a great bookstore cafe called Pendulo. There’s one in Roma and one in Polanco… might some others too. Check it out.
  • Bars in Roma are great. Just hit Yelp/tripadvisor but don’t get sucked into a too boujey cocktail place that is basically a copy of what we have here…
  • Fancy food in this area. Everyone goes to Pujol, the famous haute mexican place… I hear the chef has a newer restaurant that is great (vegetarian oaxaca and prehispanis food called Ticuchi, looks great and there is a cheaper store front that focuses only on presentation of fancy tortillas and tamales made with heirloom corn. People like this seafood restaurant called Contramar. I don’t really know, there is a ton of stuff. For good and less pretentious seafood, we had a great time in early 2020 at this “Fisher’s” on Parque Napoles.
  • Walk around the Bosque de Chapultepec. Like Mexico’s Central Park and climb up to the Castillo. Built by Spanish, occupied by presidents after independence and briefly occupied by the emperor Maximilan while the French were trying to take over in the 1860s.

3. In the south the city

Centro de Coyoacan
  • The Coyoacan section of the city is great. Used to be its own village. This is where Frida Kahlo’s childhood home is (check it out in addition the one above!… and also the museo leon trotsky,_Mexico_City. Just walking through the center square of Coyoacan is great and the coffee at the roaster El Jarocho is awesome.
  • The Cineteca Nacional is down near Coyoacan and everyone says it’s awesome. Great architecture. If you have time, google it and check out the movie schedule! Very cool..
  • Xochimilco — these are the boats that glide along the last remaining of Mexico City’s canal network. In prehispanic times it was all canals! Go there on a sunday afternoon, float around and order food from a neighboring boat. It makes more sense to do this with a group.

4. Other stuff

  • Def go to Teotihuacan — the big pyramids 40 min outside the city. You can take a bus. Very easy.
  • Casa Luis Barragan is great
  • Ask folks about a soccer game (estadio azteca) or wrestling (arena mexico)
  • Uber is good and safe and reliable. Metro is very fast and reliable, can be crowded. I had a phone stolen but this is rare and I stupidly was looking at it a lot on the platform.

Other food recs:

  • Nico’s is reliably the best restaurant in Mexico City… in the Azcapotalco section where my grandparents live:
Typical Nico’s breakfast. Incredible.
  • My aunt says this breakfast fonda, open very early, is amazing:
  • Any tacos al pastor — the tacos that come off the shawarma style spit… actually they’re an import brought over lebanese immigrants to the north of mexico a century and a half ago. Any ones are good but there is a particularly good place called El Borrego Viudo.
  • Pozole is an amazing pork soup (pork is a theme) with big hominy kernels and dressed kind of like pho on top. I tend to get the Guerrero style (state where my grandparents are from). Here is a great pozoleria: Pozoleria Poctzin Algarin, Calle Juan E. Hernández y Davalos 35, Algarín, Cuauhtémoc, 06880 Ciudad de Mexico
  • My sister says to check out this duck taco place

(All photos by me)



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